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Ice Cream and Wine Pairings

Wine down and cool off with these delicious ice cream pairings!

Varietals are the ice cream flavors of life, as they say. Show us any varietal and we’ll show you an ice cream or sorbet that ups the bliss factor. Here are a few to get your summer patio party started…

Life is too short to eat vanilla ice cream, unpaired. So if you’re going to go vanilla, next-level it and choose a Madagascar Vanilla Bean variety, alongside our Cava Brut.
Coffee ice cream is the perfect post-dinner flavor. Couple it with the dark fruit flavors of our Reserva. You couldn’t get more adult with this pairing.

A smooth red like our Tempranillo calls for the fan-favorite classic, chocolate ice cream. Feel free to soup it up and go Rocky Road or Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. YOLO

A fruit-based sorbet like raspberry or blackberry is so versatile it can hang with the juicy, jammy goodness of our Garnacha or the refreshing sparkle of our Cava Rosé.

There you have it, wine and ice cream pairings for the most on fleek among you.